• Streamers Big ME

  • Merrilee Studios Dance Day 2012

    The Dancers

    Dan Fisher
    Julia Burns
    Haliegh Gregory
    Keirstan Horton
    Jayden Bosworth
    Sophie Adams
    Isabelle Adams
    Addison Freitag
    Gabriella Rogers
    Danielle Rogers
    Riley Beer
    Mackenzie Farquer
    Darrell Kimbro
    Savannah Hack
    Madisyn Hack
    Marshall Parsons
    Molli Baumann
    Maggie Babcock
    Ashley Claudin
    McKenna Coartney
    Hannah Coartney
    Emma Estelle
    Shea Boeker
    Isabella Jones

    Special Thanks to our Chickens

    Angie Kimbro
    Kathleen Parsons
    Lori Rogers
  • Ballet is the hardest dance form to learn but it is the one that gives you the most.

    Ballet instills discipline and concentration that will last a lifetime, and has been proven to help with performance in school and sports.

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  • From Fred Astaire to Savion Glover, Tap has always combined finesse, style, rhythm and energy.

    And a lot of fun!

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Merrilee Studios is dedicated to teaching the fine art of dance and providing our students with skills that will last a lifetime.

As a studio that has trained students of all ages for 36 years, we assure you that we are not merely focused on teaching the trends alone. We are committed to giving our students the training they need to reach their full potential and achieve success. We do this by focusing on building skills, confidence, and physical fitness in a non-competitive environment.

Our students benefit from working with instructors who have exceptional experience in the field. Our instructors have an average of over 20 years experience as teachers.

Many of our former students have gone into prestigious university programs and entered the world of professional dance.